Additional Applications for the HD1000

In addition to free software updates for the HD1000, Roku has released several free applications so that you may get more use out of your HD1000.

Installation Instructions
  • Download the zip file for the application you wish to use(below)
  • Open the zip file and copy the contents to a flash card or an HD1000-accessible network share.
  • Insert the flash card into your HD1000 or mount the network share.
  • In the Main Menu, navigate to appropriate Media Source.
  • The new application should now appear under "Roku Applications"
StreamPlayer allows playback of ATSC MPEG2 transport stream files, including seamless sequential playback of multi-file recording. Installation instructions are included with the download. Note: This utility requires HD1000 software version 1.5.11 or higher.
Download StreamPlayer 0.1d for 1.5 (88 KB)
Copy and Delete
Copy and Delete come as a two-for-the-price-of-one package. Copy allows the user to copy files from flash cards or network shares to network shares. It will also allow the user to copy files (including applications) to the built-in storage. Delete allows the user to delete files from network shares or the built-in storage. Copy and Delete require HD1000 software version 1.5.11 or higher.
Download Copy and Delete for 1.5 (465KB)
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