What can I do with my digital photos on the PhotoBridge HD?
You can view all your digital photos on your HDTV in the comfort of your living room. Create exciting slideshows of your favorite photos, or browse through and show off the best ones. Zoom and Rotate commands are available at the press of a button. You can display any image as wall art, and take advantage of screen saver and auto-repeat options to help prevent burn-in. You can even access image files stored on your PC or Mac over your home network. All of these features are as simple to use as pressing a few buttons on your remote control.
How can I control the display of my images to fit the 16x9 screen format?
How do the Art Packs work?
How can I speed up or slow down the slide show?
I would like to play music in a specific order. How can I do this?
How do I setup the PhotoBridge HD to play my MP3 files in random order?
Does the PhotoBridge HD support ID3 tags?
My video output looks funny. How do I select the correct video output format?
Is the PhotoBridge HD user upgradeable?
Does Roku have any plans to support Unix/Linux file servers with the PhotoBridge HD?
I have made DVDs of my kids and would like to play them back. You mentioned utilities to create the transport stream (which you indicate is required), where can I find these?
How do I manually assign an IP Address to my PhotoBridge HD?