Copying Files From Your PC To A Memory Card

Step one:
If your PC doesn't have a memory card reader (most don't), you'll need to purchase and install a standard card reader. These can be found at many electronics stores for about $20. There are versions that connect to a USB port or a FireWire port. Another approach is to get a "PCMCIA to memory card adaptor". These allow you to plug your memory card into a PC card slot on your laptop. There are versions for most types of memory cards (like CompactFlash).

Step two:
Insert your memory card into the card reader.

Step three:
Find and select the removable storage device icon on your computer which represents your memory card.

Step four:
Select the file to be copied and either copy/paste or drag and drop it into the removable storage device folder.

Step five:
After the files have copied over to the memory card, take the memory card out of the reader and insert it into the HD1000.