Photo Viewing Tips

Tip #1: The basics
The following HTTP-streamed formats are currently supported:
Your PhotoBridge HD1000's image viewer has several user-configurable options:

  • Fit/fill mode
  • Delay between images in a slideshow
  • Info display mode
  • Preferred rotation direction

These options can be accessed in two ways:

In the browse screen (where you look at your images as miniature thumbnails), there is an "Options" button. Move the highlight onto the button and click Select on the remote to bring up the options dialog. While looking at pictures full-screen, just press the Select button on the remote. (Note that bringing up the Options window with a slideshow playing will pause the slideshow. Press Play/Pause on the remote once you've closed the window.)

In either case, you just make your choices and click the Done button. Your settings are remembered until you change them, even if you turn your HD1000 off. Press Exit on the remote to dismiss the dialog without making any changes.
Tip #2: To Play or not to Play
Tip #3: Wait! Wait! Back up a couple!
Tip #4: The Smart way to put a square peg into a round hole
Tip #5: Zoom in on the action
Tip #6: Panning for gold
Tip #7: Which way is up?
Tip #8: Just the facts about this picture, Ma'am.
Tip #9: Tiptoeing through the Thumbnail Browser
Tip #10: Extra fun with Art Packs