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Roku's free SDK enables third-party developers to create innovative new applications that extend and expand on PhotoBridge HD's capabilities. As a service to our customers, we've established this repository to make it easy to find the application that you are looking for. If you have developed an application that runs on PhotoBridge HD or complements PhotoBridge HD and would like to be listed here, please read the Roku developer guidelines.

Please Note: The programs and resources listed here are not supported by Roku. Support questions, bug reports and other inquiries about these programs should be directed to the author of the program, not Roku.

Applications for PhotoBridge HD
The following applications are programs that run directly on your PhotoBridge HD.
WeatherSix Size: 1.7MB Added: 9 April 2004
by Harold Johns Download
Requires: 1.5.11 or newer Homepage
WeatherSix downloads your local weather data from The Weather Channel and displays the current temperature and four-day forecast for your zipcode.
Swapfile: Required
CinemaSix Media Player Size: 41KB Added: 25 March 2004
by Sujal Patel Download
Requires: 1.5.11 or newer Homepage
CinemaSix is a media player for PhotoBridge HD. It's capable of playing MPEG2 Transport Streams, MPEG2 Program Streams (typical MPEG files, including unencrypted VOBs), and playing streamed content from VideoLan.
Swapfile: Recommended
LiveSpy Size: 153KB Added: 15 July 2004
by Andy Oliver Download
Requires: 1.5.11 or newer Homepage
LiveSpy is an application that allows the user to view Internet cameras on your PhotoBridge HD.
Swapfile: Required
Music Jukebox 1.0 Size: 700KB Added: 7 May 2004
by Roy Pereira Download
Requires: 1.5.11 or newer Homepage
This is a music jukebox player that catalogues your music collection quickly and provides an easy-to-use interface.  It allows you to add a number of songs to a background play queue.
Swapfile: Recommended
DV Archive Client Size: 270KB Added: 13 July 2004
by Philip Van Baren Download
Requires: 1.5.11 or newer Homepage
This is the second alpha release of a Roku PhotoBridge HD thin client of DVArchive. It allows you to select a file off on any DVArchive or ReplayTV machine and then launches the CinemaSix player to actually play the file.
Swapfile: Recommended
PD Art Packs   Added: 22 April 2004
by Sandy Ressler  
Requires: 1.5.11 or newer Homepage
A collection of inexpensive "art packs" consisting of images gathered from the public domain. These gorgeous collections of images will fill your HD display along with musical accompaniment.

Applications Related to PhotoBridge HD
The applications below do not run directly on PhotoBridge HD. Instead, they run on your PC and complement your PhotoBridge HD.
Art Pack 1.1 Size: 98KB Added: 29 March 2004
by Eric Peyton Download
Requires: Mac OSX Homepage
Mac users now have a tool to create custom art packs that are compatible with PhotoBridge HD. Supports all current Art Pack options. Source code is available.
Crestron Module   Added: 29 March 2004
by ControlWorks Consulting Download
Requires: 1.5.11 or newer Homepage
Provides Control of Roku PhotoBridge HD by Crestron processor via RS232 or Telnet connection. Playback of slideshow and MP3 player supported.
CEE-JT Virtual Machine   Added: 30 March 2004
by Skelmir  
Skelmir introduces the CEE-J virtual machine for hosting MHP, OSGi, browsers & other interactive applications. With the lowest usable footprint on the embedded virtual machine market, CEE-J is the ideal embedded solution for delivering interactive content and applications with speed and clarity to your end users. Whether your platform utilizes proprietary or generally available operating systems, CEE-J can be easily ported and customized to suit your requirements.

Websites Containing Roku-specific Information
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